Multi-Platform Environments and Security

Whether you have an advanced hybrid environment (running Exchange, Linux, SQL, with Cisco switches and routers) or a two person office on a peer to peer network, our technicians will explain the most cost efficient and reliable solution.  Network security consultants will help you prevent problems and create a safety net for your business. Our master technicians will ensure that log files and intrusion detection alarms are in place to prevent security breaches. No other technicians in our region have the same technical skills to resolve complexities such as true tunnels and altering work-flow environments. Call us at 858-523-1633 and we will ensure that your business is on the leading edge.

In our current high risk climate, it is a requisite to ensure your network has a protective mechanisms in place to ward off spyware, viruses, and intruders seeking out havoc.  We take the time to educate our customers about the latest technology and methods to protect their networks.  Some recent advances in network appliances, firewalls, and scripting are a simple solution to these types of complex problems. We set up creative backup solutions like RAID to have at least mirrored backup sets to maintain data integrity. Your data is more important today than ever.  Don't wait until disaster finds you.  Be proactive and spend the time today so you don't have to spend double the time and money tomorrow.