Data Recovery

Pricing and Communication

At SDC we know how important your data is.  We redo work from most other self proclaimed data recovery technicians.  Unfortunately, often their experimentation has caused your data to be unrecoverable.  We have over a 1,000sq. ft. data recovery center, as well as the right tools and thousands of dollars in electronic equipment.

Whether your business has lost vital company information or you are a hosting company with failed server drives, we can help.  We make certain that your data is preserved from the moment it enters our shop by cloning it.  Our founder is on the leading edge of the industry, teaching seminars, mentoring and partnering with other businesses and computer professors around the globe. We just established a methodology using newly created tools by our own machinists to retrieve more information than any other data recovery company.

Unlike firms that offer free gimmicks with unrealistic pricing, San Diego Computers, Inc. offers fair prices with the customer's best interest of honesty, reliability, pricing, quality, and customer service in mind. When customers lose their data, we know that customers want professionalism, and that is what we provide. We only charge for our hourly time. Rather than set unrealistic large scale pricing, we tell you right up front that the average data recovery takes about five hours. As an authorized data recovery center sanctioned by all the major hard drive manufacturers, we have the knowledge and equipment to ensure that your data will not get permanently damaged. 


It takes a minimum of one hour to correctly diagnose your equipment to determine if it is recoverable.  We communicate with you after the first 2 hours just to let you know of the progress.

Can we get your data? The truth is, if we can’t get it, nobody else likely can! 


We utilize state of the art recovery equipment that is used by fortune 500 firms. Our process incorporates the use of mechanical, electrical, and software level repair. We have a state-of-the-art clean room which maintains a minute dust particle content, as regulated by the Department of Defense. The hard drives are handled in a “white room” with laboratory gear, enforcing the strictest standards to prevent contamination. Our technicians are well trained in electronics and include former armed forces personnel knowledgeable in the electromechanical devices that function with high speed computers.  Security is of the utmost importance as your data is in a lock-down base with video cameras watching every transaction. 


We ask you to inform us in writing of all file types and possible locations of the data you want recovered. Be sure to indicate the type of e-mail and the login name used; and the type of media you want it copied to--DVD, CD, ZIP, hard drives, thumb drives, etc. If you can tell us the size of your hard drive and list specific partitions, that can often further assist our efforts. Don’t let a self proclaimed tech experiment with your hard drive. Just the hard drive being powered on can actually prevent any possible future recovery. We recommend you immediately shut down the computer to prevent further destruction. Our biggest clients, government and businesses, trust us.  Our client list includes Costco, Navy, Marines, and major wireless companies. We want to make sure you get all the facts. 

We offer pickup service in San Diego.  We will begin our visit with a brochure outlining our services.  On the back, you will find a customer service survey to make certain you get the service you deserve.  Please call us should you have any further questions at 858-523-1633.  Unless, you request otherwise, we will notify you upon the immediate diagnosis of your equipment prior to proceeding further. Please let us know if you prefer e-mail contact, as we will do whatever we can to keep you informed.